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Abrasive Nozzles: OD .250 - Jet Edge

3" x .250" (JE OD Size) Premium Abrasive Nozzles

3" x .250" (JE OD Size) Premium Abrasive Nozzles

Premium grade mixing tubes. Ideal for more precise edge and fewer interruptions (especially important on long jobs.) More sizes available - just let us know which sizes are needed.

** The source of abrasive nozzles makes a difference! We sell only high quality Belgian-made, abrasive nozzles! **

Manufacturer Compatibility


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Engineering title(s):

  • F300-N0148-0000: ABR NOZZ, PREMIUM
  • F300-N0149-0000: ABR NOZZ, PREMIUM
  • F300-N0150-0000: ABR NOZZ, PREMIUM
  • F300-N0151-0000: ABR NOZZ, PREMIUM
  • F300-N0152-0000: ABR NOZZ, PREMIUM
  • F300-N0153-0000: ABR NOZZ, PREMIUM
  • F300-N0154-0000: ABR NOZZ, PREMIUM
  • F300-N0155-0000: ABR NOZZ, PREMIUM