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Abrasive Nozzles: OD .250 - Jet Edge

4" x .250" JE Premium Abrasive Nozzle

4" x .250" JE Premium Abrasive Nozzle


0.250"OD JE Premium Abrasive Nozzle. 4" length provides tighter stream and lasts longer than 3". Premium grade material for more precise edge and fewer interruptions (especially important on long jobs.) More sizes available - just let us know which sizes are needed.

** The source of abrasive nozzles makes a difference! We sell only high quality Belgian-made, abrasive nozzles! **

Manufacturer Compatibility
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Engineering title(s):

  • F300-N0156-0000: ABR NOZZ, PREMIUM
  • F300-N0157-0000: ABR NOZZ, PREMIUM
  • F300-N0158-0000: ABR NOZZ, PREMIUM
  • F300-N0159-0000: ABR NOZZ, PREMIUM
  • F300-N0160-0000: ABR NOZZ, PREMIUM
  • F300-N0161-0000: ABR NOZZ, PREMIUM
  • F300-N0162-0000: ABR NOZZ, PREMIUM
  • F300-N0163-0000: ABR NOZZ, PREMIUM