Cutting Heads and Assemblies: Nozzle Tube

Nozzle Body Adapter, MJ4 to IWP

Nozzle body enabling Omax users to connect their non-tilting MJ4 on/off valve to a lower cost, more versatile cutting head. This nozzle body enables connecting to the IDE cutting head (the original integrated diamond cutting head) or the DP-3000 (the original cartridge-style cutting head which uses a ruby orifice-mixing-chamber-insert and provides high alignment). The DP-3000 allows having a variety of orifice sizes for varying kerfs, at very low cost. High alignment provides longer mixing tube life, better edges. The inserts take the wear, protecting the DP3000 body.
  • IWP
  • OMAX
F300-F0158-0000 replaces:

Engineering Title(s):

  • F300-F0158-0000: ADAPTER, MJ4 TO DP-E