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Orifices: A-Line (KMT-Style)

Autoline Sapphire Orifice

Autoline Sapphire Orifice

Very Limited Supply! Sapphire orifices in Autoline (KMT) mounts. Available in listed sizes ONLY and only while supplies last. These orifices provide tight streams for precision cutting at a very economical price. Stock up while available...
Manufacturer Compatibility
  • KMT


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Engineering title(s):

  • F300-J0164-0000: A-LINE C-STYLE, .007"
  • F300-J0165-0000: A-LINE C-STYLE, .008"
  • F300-J0167-0000: A-LINE C-STYLE, .010"
  • F300-J0168-0000: A-LINE C-STYLE, .011"
  • F300-J0169-0000: A-LINE C-STYLE, .012"
  • F300-J0170-0000: A-LINE C-STYLE, .013"
  • F300-J0171-0000: A-LINE C-STYLE, .014"