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Pump Parts: Pump- Direct Drive Type

Maxiem Complete Pump Overhaul Kit

Maxiem Complete Pump Overhaul Kit

** Please note: This kit contains the new-style check valve assemblies F300-D0080-0000 (Omax #303401), which can only be used with the F300-D0052-0000/303294 liquid displacers. If you are upgrading your Omax 301641 check valve assemblies to the new F300-D0080-0000 (Omax# 303401) assemblies, you must upgrade to the F300-D0052-0000 (Omax# 303294) liquid displacers at the same time. Failure to do so will result in damage to your pump. **

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Manufacturer Compatibility
  • OMAX
F300-D0082-0000 Replaces:
  • Accu: 13715
  • Omax: 305098


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Engineering title(s):

  • F300-D0082-0000: Check Valve Assembly Kit