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Pump Parts: Pump- Hydraulic Intensifier Type

Check Valve Body 60k

Check Valve Body 60k


Check valve body - just the body. For original Flow-style outlet poppet needs repair kit F300-K0025-0000 - or - save time with a fully assembled unit (F300-A0130-0000). For upgraded dual acting poppet outlet (2 piece poppet) needs repair kit F300-K0091-0000 - or - save time with a fully assembled upgraded check valve assembled unit (F300-A0192-0000)
Manufacturer Compatibility
  • FLOW
F300-A0083-0000 Replaces:
  • Iwp: 12020
  • Accu: 11115
  • Flow: 004383-3|TL-001003-3
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Engineering title(s):

  • F300-A0083-0000: Body, Check Valve, 60K