Long Stem, Diamond Orifice Assembly
Orifices: Long Stem (LS - KMT-Style)

Long Stem, Diamond Orifice Assembly

Long stem longest-lasting diamond orifices. The special mounting retainer of the diamond to the body holds the diamond fast in place for long performance. The design of the hole through the diamond is engineered to provide a longer tighter stream and is far superior to sapphires or synthetics.
  • KMT
F300-J2102-D004 replaces:

Engineering Title(s):

  • F300-J2102-D004: LONG STEM, DIAMOND .004"
  • F300-J2102-D006: LONG STEM, DIAMOND .006"
  • F300-J2102-D007: LONG STEM, DIAMOND .007"
  • F300-J2102-D008: LONG STEM, DIAMOND .008"
  • F300-J2102-D010: LONG STEM, DIAMOND .010"
  • F300-J2102-D012: LONG STEM, DIAMOND .012"