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Fittings and Tubing: Filter-In HP Line

Short Stop Filter Assembly 1/4"

Short Stop Filter Assembly 1/4"

Short Stop filter assembly includes 1/4" adapter, collar, gland, insert with pocket for the filter element and 3/8" gland for attaching to most on/off valve bodies. The filter element has 0.006" holes to catch most debris. Add this to your high pressure water line (where it enters the on-off valve at the cutting head) to protect your on-off valve stem (aka needle/poppet) and landing, and more importantly, protect your orifice to maintain long, tight streams. Catching debris (especially after a repair or on an older system), before it reaches the orifice, will reduce chipping and clogging. Net result is much more reliable cutting. Filter element is metal and far outlasts plastic versions. An upgrade to the Last Chance Filter. Be sure to have 2 elements: 1 to run while 1 is being cleaned (in an ultrasonic cleaner).
Manufacturer Compatibility
  • KMT
  • IWP
  • OMAX
  • WSI
  • FLOW
F300-H0034-0000 Replaces:
  • Iwp: 80040
  • Accu: 13553
  • Flow: 301026-3
  • Kmt: 20454363


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Engineering title(s):

  • F300-H0034-0000: ASSEMBLY, SHORT STOP